Friday, July 9, 2010

Issue when using AsyncFileUpload control

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I tried to use AsyncFileUpload control in a page. The AsyncFileUpload control was placed inside the first view of a multiview control. The page required a querystring parameter, and if the parameter is not present, the second view of the multiviewcontrol will be shown. This check is made on the Page Load event. This causes issue on the fileupload process. It was giving error, since on the postback, it gets another view. So, I did like this.

on the event "OnClientUploadStarted
", I gave a value to a hidden element, and on page load, a checking is made, to see, if the value is given for the hidden element. If the value is given, the view1 itself will be shown without checking the availability of querystring parameter.

Don't know if that is the correct method. Anyhow, it worked.


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