Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ajax and UpdatePanel performance improvement

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Most of the newbie programmers like me are ajaxifying a site by putting updatepanels all over the site. Now, I came to know that, putting updatepanel will not help you to improve your site's speed. We are using it, since it is very easy. You can understand why ajax updatenpanels should be avoided from the following link

Why UpdatePanel Dangerous

If you still want to use updatepanel, check the following link to speed up the updatepanel performance.

Speeding up UpdatePanel

Also, you can use a dll, scriptreferenceprofiler, to find the ajax scripts used in a page and combine them, so that, only that script requests will be used in that specific page, which reduces the loading time. You can understand how to use it from the following msdn video.

Script Combining

You can download ScriptReferenceProfile from the following url

Use them as follows

Add reference to the dll.
<%@ Register Assembly="ScriptReferenceProfiler" Namespace="ScriptReferenceProfiler" TagPrefix="cc1" %>


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